AURYN Mining Chile SpA (“AURYN”) is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Dante Conetta as Chief Executive Officer of AURYN.

Mr. Conetta comes to AURYN from Liderman (The Carlyle Group Company) where he served as Corporate CEO to a $170 million security business in Peru, Ecuador, and Chile with over 17,000 employees.  Prior to leading Liderman, Mr. Conetta was the CEO of PECSA Corporation, a Peruvian oil and gas wholesaler that he turned from a B2B to a B2C company, leading to a 35% growth in profits.

Mr. Conetta will apply his visionary and strategic leadership and work with Maurizio Cordova to help AURYN put the Altos de Lipangue into production and become a public mining company.  Mr. Cordova will stay on as AURYN’s Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Submitted on behalf of the Board of Directors